Información y manuales de proyectos realizados para jugar al MAME en nuestra Raspberr Pi.

DIY: Make an arcade game kit for 2 players with Raspberry Pi (Step 0)

bartop raspberry

As a fan of retro technology, mainly to the ZX Spectrum 48k but also to old games and retro machines, the other day I arrived I do not know as a link on Ebay that they sold what they call "Bartop" and I found it very expensive for Buy it directly. Looking at google I found that a Bartop is a recreational machine that people are built in a homemade way to play MAME and various emulators in a machine with a form of recreation "cut", I say cut because it is removed the bottom so that Be smaller. The first point is that to be totally legal I think you can not download games with ROMs from the internet, I think it is allowed to install only ROMS own. So in this tutorial we will only indicate how to build the machine to play your own game ROMs made by you. The download of ROMs is beyond the scope of this website as we can not guarantee that downloading ROMS from internet torrents will be legal.

Lo retro está de moda

Máquina bartop DIY raspberry pi

Spectrum, Bartop arcades con Mame, Game & Watch y toda la tecnología de los 80 está otra vez de moda. Los casi-cuarentones nacidos en los 70 (a mediados-finales), criados con ordenadores como el ZX Spectrum, Amstrad, Commodore o MSX y con maquinitas LCD tipo Game & Watch, los mismos que en su adolescencia hacían pellas para ir a "los recre" a jugar a las recreativas, ahora se vuelven locos por toda la tecnología obsoleta de su infancia.