DIY: Make an arcade game kit for 2 players with Raspberry Pi (Step 0)

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As a fan of retro technology, mainly to the ZX Spectrum 48k but also to old games and retro machines, the other day I arrived I do not know as a link on Ebay that they sold what they call "Bartop" and I found it very expensive for Buy it directly. Looking at google I found that a Bartop is a recreational machine that people are built in a homemade way to play MAME and various emulators in a machine with a form of recreation "cut", I say cut because it is removed the bottom so that Be smaller. The first point is that to be totally legal I think you can not download games with ROMs from the internet, I think it is allowed to install only ROMS own. So in this tutorial we will only indicate how to build the machine to play your own game ROMs made by you. The download of ROMs is beyond the scope of this website as we can not guarantee that downloading ROMS from internet torrents will be legal.

Tutorial / workshop to build Bartop Arcade with a Raspberry Pi and a kit

So I'm going to build a Bartop for two players using a bartop kit, with bartop kit I mean the woods cut by another (I'm not very clever cutting DM wood) Or at least I'll try and describe the steps I'm following if they serve To help future retrogamers who want to build a Bartop arcade machine. This article will be a DIY (Do It Yourself) in full force with the steps that I will follow while building my arcade machine. I will try to describe all the steps of the tutorial in as much detail as possible so that you can make your Bartop arcade without problems. I have structured the manual in several parts to make it easier to read and follow.

Step 0: Introduction to the Bartop Arcade kit

I put a photo of a finished bartop machine so that you have an approximate idea of what I want to build:

Let's build a similar one, if you want you can make it 1 player instead of two simply by ordering the bartop arcade 1 player kit on the web where you go to buy it. There are people who build it in methacrylate, maybe some time I dare and I do it or maybe even one day I'll sell them on the internet! If you do not know some of the concepts of emulation and the bartop we explain them to make it easier for you to follow this DIY tutorial:

Tutorial RaspberryPi

Tutorial Microswitchs


Tutorial GPIO port 

Tell them that there are two types of arcade controls and buttons, the joystick and American type buttons and the Japanese type. Depending on the type you buy, the holes to be made in the furniture will be of a diameter or another (important to mention when buying the furniture kit). Also remember to order the bartop kit with the number of players you want (1 or 2 players) and the number of buttons equal.

AmericanSanwa (Japan)


Ah! I forgot to mention that as a motor of the Bartop I am going to use a Raspberry Pi model 1 that I have by house without using.

There are other tutorials that a PC uses to build its Bartop Arcade, but I think it is cheaper to use a Raspberry that also consumes less energy and weighs a lot less.

I propose some joystyck arcade for your bartop sold by Amazon, I think they have a good price and are a good option to build our bartop with quality materials:

Seguir con el siguiente paso del manual Bartop con Raspberry Pi (materiales para construir la bartop) 

Bonus track: android game

I can not leave without recommending a free Android game perfect for retro lovers, try it, you'll love it: Super Cauldron. To open an appetite I put a screenshot of the game Super Cauldron, remember, if you do not download it is because it is not like the retro:


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